Quality Control (QC) Vocabulary

QC Vocabulary defines terms that are used in QC with the goals of 1) Ensuring that terms are used consistently, and 2) ensuring that terms are encoded consistently. The page for this topic is here.

This page shows terms for the "METADATA" category. This category covers metadata errors, including those from these specifications: Common Metadata, Media Entertainment Core (MEC)

In the future, we intend to add errors from the Validator.

Version 1.0

Term Description Definition V
CONTENT-GUIDELINESMetadata Value Does Not Meet Content GuidelinesMetadata value contains symantic error.1.0
FORMAT-GUIDELINESMetadata Value Does Not Meet Format GuidelinesMetadata value contains syntactic error.1.0
IMPORT-PARSE-ERRORSFails to Import/ParseMetadata has either incorrect format or is corrupt and will not load into system.1.0
INCORRECT-CONTENTReferences Incorrect Program MaterialMetadata does not match corresponding video (e.g., title, description, file name, etc.).1.0
INCORRECT-GENREIncorrect Genre Genre in Metadata does not match actual content of program.1.0
INCORRECT-PRODUCT-HIERARCHYIncorrect Product HierarchyProduct(s) not tied the proper version or "umbrella" intellectual property. Issue exists with parent/child hierarchy (e.g., TV Episode included in the wrong season).1.0
INCORRECT-RATINGIncorrect RatingFilm or TV ratings do not match the country/region rating system.1.0
INCORRECT-TALENTIncorrect Talent InformationThe talent listed in Metadata does not correspond to the program or feature.1.0
INVALID-GENREInvalid Genre Metadata contains genre value not supported by platform.1.0
LOCALIZATIONIncomplete LocalizationAll or parts of Metadata are not translated into language of country/region.1.0
MISSING-FILM-CERTIFICATEMissing Regional Film CertificateFilm Certificates are not present for a country/region that requires them.1.0
MISSING-INFORMATIONMissing Required Information Metadata is incomplete or certain tags/fields are blank.1.0
OTHEROtherAny issue not covered by the standard terms and definitions.1.0
TYPOSContains TyposTypos include incorrect grammar, spelling and/or punctuation within Metadata file.1.0