This site contains the defintion of Media Entertainment Core (MEC) Metadata

The Entertainment Merchant’s Association (EMA) and the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG), in conjuncation with MovieLabs, have defined this format for transferring metadata from Publishers to Retailers.

Full documentation is a combination of the written document and the XML Schema itself.



Version 2.7 and 2.7.1 only include updates to the schema. No changes are made to the specification, so the version 2.6 specification still applies

  • Media Entertainment CoreMetadata,TR-META-MEC, v2.6, December 11, 2017 (PDF)

Version 2.7 updates the MEC schema to use Common Metadata v2.7.

Version 2.7.1

A minor change was made in Common Metadata to remove enumeration for DisplayIndicators. The following references the corrected CM version 2.7.1. This is only relevant if you are using DisplayIndicator values that are not in the existing enumeration.

Release History

A full release history including change lists and deprecated versions can be found here.


Educational Materials

We have created videos that explain concepts. An introduction to metadata can be found here. The full class is here.

Controlled Vocabularies

VALIDATOR and Tool Suite

Information and links to the MDDF Validator are here: www.movielabs.com/md/validator.

The Tool Suite, including an online validator are at mddf.movielabs.com.


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