The MovieLabs Best Practices for Simple API Communications is a collection of best practies for point-to-point communications. The specficiation defined underlying communications for APIs such as RESTful-style interfaces. This was formerly called MDDF APIs.



The communications addressed in this specification address what is found in most RESTful or simple message-based APIs. These are, at the application layer, point-to-point. That is, other than traditional network functions like proxies, firewalls and load balancers which are effectively invisible, there are no intermediate functions managing the communication. This would be in contrast to, for example, a notification service, which is mediating the communications. To contrast these functions from functions with intermediaries, we call this class of service “unmediated”.

  • MovieLabs Best Practices for Simple API Communications (Framework for Unmediated Network Communications), TR-MDDF-API, December 8, 2020 (PDF)