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Common Promotions is a specification that allows Studios to express promotions to Retailers. The goal is to give marketing the opportunity to engage consumers in a manner never before possible. Currently, only simple promotions are possible because they are largely driven manually. This system facilitates automation.

Content Delivery Requirements (CDR)

The Content Delivery Requiremenst (CDR) is part of the Asset Ordering and Delivery workflow. CDR provides the means for a Retailer to specify exactly what needs to be delivered. The CDR is in lieu of a written delivery requirements document.

The rules are complex, and so is CDR. It's not clear whether it's practical to implement this. A possible next step is to take the structure of CDR and apply it to a standard document template for delivery requirements. Note also that within Asset Ordering and Delivery, there an AssetOrder object contains a subset of this information.

Product Definition

The Product Definition specification provides marketing department (shows as Studio Distribution) the means to define the composition of a product offering. In it's simplest form it specifies which video cut and which audio and subtitle tracks are required. Inf a full form, it can also specify trailers and bonus material. This is a precursor to Media Manfiest Core (MMC) and Cross-Platform Extras (CPE). This specification was designed with Interoperable Master Format (IMF).

Offer Defaults

Offer Defaults defines default values for Avails, Title List and Offer Status (AKA “EMA Avails”). The function of Defaults is to allow an encoding of default values that exist in agreements other than the Avail or Title List, particularly a contract. This is an essential component to fully automating the licensing process. For example, if an agreement specifies the default allowed languages for a given territory, Avails and Title List Defaults can capture that information.