The Media Manifest contains metadata essential for delivery of media packages from studio distribution to retailers. The specifications on this page provide rules and guidelines for using the Media Manifest for delivery.

Best Practices

The most current Best Practices can be found at MDDF Best Practices.

Best Practice for File Delivery

These best practice describes appropriate usage of Avails, Media Manifest and File Manifest for deliverying files through distribution to a retailer. These are intended for studios; post production companies providing distribution services; and for retailer or any other party receiving media files and/or metadata. Some of this has been superceeded by more current material on the MDDF Best Practices page.

  • Using Media Manifest, File Manifest and Avails for file Delivery (Best Practice),
    • BP-META-MMMD, v1.2, October 13, 2015 (PDF)
    • version showing differences from v1.1 (PDF)

Best Practices for using Media Manifest with Interoperatble Master Format (IMF)

The following document describes how to use Media Manifest with Interoperable Master Format (IMF) as described in the in the SMPTE ST 2067 family of standards. This is useful in conjunction with File Delivery desribed above.

  • Using Common Media Format with Interoperable Media Format
    • BP-CMM-IMF, v1.0, August 3, 2017 (PDF)


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