MovieLabs Specifications for
Next Generation of Video and
Enhanced Content Protection

Technologies for the distribution, playback and display of video content have evolved rapidly in the past few years. New formats that include higher resolution, wider color gamut and greater dynamic range now offer content to the consumer that is visually richer and more engaging on an ever-expanding range of devices.

In September 2013, MovieLabs published a high-level specification defining key elements, including high dynamic range and mastering display metadata, for these new content distribution formats and platforms. The “MovieLabs Specification for Next Generation Video” covers important video features and was developed in conjunction with the “MovieLabs Specification for Enhanced Content Protection,” which covers complementary content protection features.

MovieLabs continues to work on best practices for these technologies to enable their successful deployment to the consumer.

These documents are intended solely as a guide for companies interested in developing products which can be compatible with other products. Each member company of MovieLabs shall decide independently the extent to which it will utilize, or require adherence to, these specifications.

Current Documents

  • MovieLabs Best Practices for Mapping BT.709 to HDR10, v1.0 (Jan 2017, PDF)
  • MovieLabs Specification for Enhanced Content Protection, v1.2 (Aug 2018, PDF)

Older Documents

  • MovieLabs Specifications Cover Letter (Sep 2013, PDF)
  • MovieLabs Specification for Next Generation Video, v1.0 (Sep 2013, PDF)
  • MovieLabs Specification for Enhanced Content Protection, v1.0 (Sep 2013, PDF)
  • MovieLabs Specification for Enhanced Content Protection, v1.1 (Feb 2015, PDF)