Release Notes

Release 1.5

Status: Released



This release is available as an executable Java jar which supports the processing of either Avails or Manifest files. The latest jar may be downloaded from the project's GitHub repository.

Support for native executables for OS-X, Windows, and Linux has been dropped as of this release. Note that the executable Java jar provides support for both the Avails and Manifest Validators, in contrast to the OS-specific executables in which there was a separate executable for each validation tool.

Users who do not wish to download and install the desktop version of the MDDF Tool Suite may still access the tools by using the on-line MDDF Services. While primarily intended for browser-based usage, they may also be accessed via scripts (e.g. using curl ) or by any other software with the ability to make use of a REST API.

Source Code

Source code is available on the Movie Labs mddf GitHub repository and is under an open source license. If you would like more information, please contact us.

Change Log

This release of the desktop Validation tool has been upgraded to use the latest mddf-lib release. Changes are:

  • Enhancement: support for Manifest v 1.8 added
  • Enhancement: support for CM v2.7 and MDMEC 2.7 added
  • Enhancement: currency codes checked for conformance with ISO-4217
  • Bug Fix: When mapping Avails to/from Excel, the GroupingEntity/Type should be 'channel', not 'SVOD channel'
  • Bug Fix: cross-references from TextGroup/TextObjectID to TextObject were not being checked
  • Bug Fix: cross-references from ExperienceChild to ExternalManifest were not being checked
  • Bug Fix: Avails Transaction with TVOD-based LicenseType and no pricing Term was flagged as ERROR (now a WARNING)
  • Bug Fix: All violations of structure constraints were flagged as ERROR regardless of actual severity level.
  • Bug Fix: when indexing is optional, index usage must be consistent for all child elements
  • Bug Fix: Verify exactly 1 instance of TrackMetadata with TrackSelectionNumber='0' per Presentation"
  • Bug Fix: Elimination of race-condition in initialization of code validating ID types.
  • Bug Fix: non-MDDF files (e.g. jpg) were included in list of supporting files to validate