Quality Control (QC) Vocabulary

QC Vocabulary defines terms that are used in QC with the goals of 1) Ensuring that terms are used consistently, and 2) ensuring that terms are encoded consistently. The page for this topic is here.

This page shows items for the "TITLES" category. Titles address problems with main titles, including title treatments, and credits.

This category was introduced in Version 1.1.

Version 1.1, December 17, 2019

Term Description Definition V
ALIASING-STEPPINGAliasing/SteppingThe edges of the text or graphics have jagged diagonal lines from a lack of resolution1.1
ANIMATION-ERRORError in animationAny error in animation, such as the globe rotating the wrong direction.1.1
BANDINGBandingVisible artifacts that result in rough color transitions in color gradations. This is often visible in black. Also known as "Quantizing" or "Posterization".1.1
COMPOSITING-ERRORCompositing ErrorThe edges, matte lines or combination of two elements has issues related to the title compositing process. This includes VFX errors.1.1
COMPOSITING-NOISECompositing NoiseA specific area or the edges around a text overlay are unnaturally noisy1.1
DURATION-TIMINGTimingFrame duration of localized versions should match OV1.1
LANGUAGETitles in an incorrect language for territoryTitles are provided without language intended for territory (either as original titles or via subtext)1.1
LEGAL-EXCLUSIONLegal ExclusionTitles contains words that have been excluded for use by Legal or the creative letter, such as curse words, inappropriate language, singing, trademarked terms, or language that disparages a corporate brand.1.1
MISSPELLINGText MisspellingMisspelled words or misspelled proper name in burned-in text, missing accents/diacritics, punctuation, etc.1.1
OTHERTitle issue not covered by another termTitle issue not covered by another term1.1
STYLEStylingTitles inconsistent with title treatment (style). This includes typography (including ligatures), color or any other style elements.1.1
TITLE-SAFETitles violate title safe rulesTitles are outside of title safe area. Card text or images are placed too close to the edges of the screen that they are out of Title safe specifications. (SMPTE specification for HD is 10%).1.1