Quality Control (QC) Vocabulary

QC Vocabulary defines terms that are used in QC with the goals of 1) Ensuring that terms are used consistently, and 2) ensuring that terms are encoded consistently. The page for this topic is here.

This page shows terms for the "PRODUCTION" category. Production covers anything that happens during the creation of the work, including photography, VFX, audio recording and creation, and editing.

This category was introduced in Version 1.1.

Version 1.1, December 17, 2019

Term Description Definition V
ADR-ERROR Production problem with ADR Any error associated specifially with ADR, such as incorrect dialog. For example, a line of dialog does not sound natural coming from the on screen action or match the lip movement, likely a problem with the ADR recording or mixing. If ADR event is simply out of sync, please use AUDIO/OUT-OF-SYNC 1.1
ANIMATION-ERROR Animation Error For animated content, an object collides and intersects with the physical space of a second object, creating an unnatural overlap. 1.1
ASPECT-RATIO-WARPING Intermittent warping due to incorrect aspect ratio for a portion of the video. The images is stretched or distorted for a portion of the video resulting in a warped look as caused by editing in video with incorrect aspect ratios. For example, a segment of 4:3 video inserted into a work that is otherwise 16:9. See VIDEO/STRETCHING 1.1
AUDIO-RECORDING-QUALITY Audio problem resulting from recording, not covered by other category Any audio recording artifact not covered by other categories. See ECHO-REVERB, NOISE, THIN-TINNY-OFFMIKE 1.1
BAD-EDIT Edit error that affects audio and video Edit error not addressed by BAD-EDIT-VIDEO or BAD-EDIT-AUDIO 1.1
BAD-EDIT-AUDIO Edit Error that affects only audio An audio element is cut unnaturally, for example is clipped at the front or end of a word, effect or music 1.1
BAD-EDIT-VIDEO Edit error that affects only video Any bad edit. This can include problems such as jump cuts (i.e., skipping of frames, that causes an unnatural movement on screen), missing material, etc. 1.1
CAMERA-BUMP-JITTER Camera Bump/Jitter The shot framing moves unnaturally likely due to the camera getting bumped or shaking 1.1
CAMERA-OBSTRUCTION Camera Obstruction An object obstructs the camera view. Examples include as a camera hood, lighting flag. 1.1
COFFEE-CUP External artifact in scene Scene contains image or sound that does not belong 1.1
COMMENTARY-DESCRIPTION-LEGAL-EXCLUSION Legal Exclusion in Commentary or Description Commentary or Description contains words that have been excluded for use by Legal or the creative letter, such as curse words, inappropriate language, singing, trademarked terms, or language that disparages a corporate brand. 1.1
COMMENTARY-DESCRIPTION-MIX-BLEED Mix Bleed Poor quality due to Commentary or Description containing composite mix bleed through. Commentary or description is not mixed properly with underlying audio. Typically, audio would be difficult to understand due to too much underlying audio. It's also possible underlying audio should be audible, but is not. Sometimes referred to as mix bleed. 1.1
COMMENTARY-DESCRIPTION-OTHER Other Commentary or Description Miscellaneous commentary or description issues that are not addressed by another term 1.1
COMMENTARY-DESCRIPTION-SYNC Out-of-sync event in Commentary or Description Commentary or Description narration is out of sync with the on-screen action (single event) 1.1
COMMENTARY-DESCRIPTION-TIMING-CONFLICT Timing Conflict in Commentary or Description Commentary, Description or Narration timing interferes with a character's dialogue 1.1
COMPOSITING-ERROR Compositing Error In a visual effects shot, an element that was composited incorrectly. The artifact might have the background show through in front of the object, or cut into the edge of the object unnaturally. 1.1
CONTINUITY-ERROR Continuity Error Mismatched action or audio between cuts. The action or placement of something in the scene contradicts the action/placement of a previous scene. The sound quality or imaging (pan) at this location contradicts the sound quality or imaging from a previous shot. 1.1
DESCRIPTION-INACCURATE Inacurrate Description Description (e.g., DVS) narration does not accurately describe what is depicted on screen; or contains inappropriate dialog such as humor. 1.1
DUB-INACCURATE Inaccurate Dub, doesn't match script Dub is not an accurate translation of script for at least some dialog or voiceover. 1.1
DUB-MISMATCH Dub voice does not match character Creative issue with dubbing artist (e.g., squeaky voice for burly character) 1.1
DUB-OTHER Other Dub issue And dubbing issue not covered by another category 1.1
DUB-RATING Dub unsuitable for feature's rating Dub contains content unsuitable for rating applied to feature 1.1
DUB-SYNC Out-of-sync event in Dub Dub audio event (e.g., dialog, song) is not in sync with visual. If entire dub track is out of sync, use AUDIO terms 1.1
ECHO-REVERB Echo/Reverb Echo or reverb resulting from poor recording. 1.1
EXTRANEOUS-EFFECT Extraneous Effect An extra sound effect or noise that does not seem motivated by picture 1.1
GRAPHIC-OVERLAY-ISSUE Graphic Overlay A graphic element appears as an overlay. This could be an incorrect overlay or an overlay incorrectly placed. See VIDEO/VISIBLE-WATERMARK and VIDEO/VISIBLE-TIMECODE. 1.1
GREEN-SCREEN Green Screen Error In a composited shot that uses a green screen (or similar background key), the foreground object temporarily disappears behind the background, often due to quick motion or soft edges such as hair. 1.1
KEYSTONE-DISTORTION Keystone Distortion A geometric distortion resulting when a rectangular plane is projected or photographed at an angle not perpendicular to the axis of the lens. The result is that the rectangle becomes trapezoidal. 1.1
LENS-GLARE-FLARE Lens Glare/Flare Sunlight hitting the camera lens either directly or indirectly causes the picture to become washed out, lack contrast, or show lightened or colored shapes 1.1
LIP-SYNC Problem with lipsync not addressed by another category An actor's head, jaw or facial movements do not match the audible dialogue, often seen with over-the-shoulder shots where the speaking actor is facing away from camera. This covers lipsync issues not addresed by other categories such as DUB-SYNC and COMMENTARY-DESCRIPTION-SYNC 1.1
LOGO-ERROR Logo is incorrect or placed incorrectly Logo order is incorrect, incorrect logo was used (e.g., for territory), logo was unexpected, or any other problem with logo. See VIDEO/VISIBLE-WATERMARK. 1.1
M-AND-E-DIALOG Dialog on M&E Music & Effects tracks should not contain any audible, identifiable dialog. Sometimes may be approved in circumstances where dialog is universal, such as aliens, foreign character that won't change. 1.1
M-AND-E-LEVELS M&E levels do not match other audio Music & Effects levels are inappropriate, such as being inaudible or overpowering dialog 1.1
M-AND-E-OTHER Music and Effects issues not addressed by another category. Any M&E issue not addressed by another category. 1.1
M-AND-E-SYNC M&E event out of sync with other audio A Music & Effects event is out of sync (e.g., foley timing off) 1.1
NOISE Production Noise is audible Audio track contains extraneous noises created on set by the production staff (example "Action" "Cut"). Could also include orchestra noise, production background noise, camera noise or generator hum. 1.1
PRODUCTION-MARK Production Mark There is a visible production mark, for example a visual effects tracking mark, or colored tape marks on the ground for actor or object placement 1.1
ROLLING-SHUTTER-ARTIFACTS Picture is distorted due to 'Rolling Shutter' image capture. Picture shows warping or other distortion of moving objects or pans due to non-instantaneous capture of video image in frame. 1.1
THIN-TINNY-OFFMIKE Thin/Tinny/Off-mike Audio sounds like it's coming out of a tin can, could be from bad mike placement, a mix problem, or out-of-phase audio. 1.1
VFX-COMPOSITING-ERROR Compositing Error in VFX The edges, matte lines or combination of two elements has issues related to the VFX compositing process 1.1
VFX-MODEL-ERROR VFX Model Error For VFX/CGI content does not act as expected in the environment. For example, an object collides and intersects with the physical space of a second object, creating an unnatural overlap. 1.1
VFX-OTHER VFX issue not addressed by another term VFX issue not addressed by another term 1.1
VFX-TEMPORARY Temporary VFX A pre-vis or temporary visual effect made it into the final picture 1.1
VISIBLE-OBJECT Production equipment or crew is visible on screen Boom mic, lights, light stands, tape, cables, etc. or crew is visible in scene 1.1