Quality Control (QC) Vocabulary

QC Vocabulary defines terms that are used in QC with the goals of 1) Ensuring that terms are used consistently, and 2) ensuring that terms are encoded consistently. The page for this topic is here.

This page shows terms for the "ARTWORK" category. The artwork category covers cover art, hero art, backgrounds and any other images (generally associated with descriptive/title metadata)

Version 1.0

Term Description Definition V
AGE-APPROPRIATENot Suitable for All AgesContent of image is not appropriate for all audiences.1.0
ASPECT-RATIODoes Not Meet Requirements [Aspect Ratio]Aspect ratio of the image does not meet specification in platform requirements.1.0
BORDERSDoes Not Meet Requirements [Borders]Artwork contains uncropped borders.1.0
CALL-TO-ACTIONDoes Not Meet Requirements [Call To Action]Image contains release dates, timeframes or information regarding alternate distribution platforms.1.0
CROPPINGCropped IncorrectlyRelevant information has been cropped from the image.1.0
LOCALIZATIONDoes Not Meet Requirements [Not Localized]Printed text in Artwork is not the correct language for the intended terroritory.1.0
OTHEROtherAny issue not covered by the standard terms and definitions.1.0
PIXELATION-BLURRYPixelation/BlurryImage source is low quality.1.0
RESOLUTIONDoes Not Meet Requirements [Resolution]Resolution of Artwork does not meet specification in platform requirements.1.0
TITLE-MISMATCHTitle MismatchTitle included in Artwork does not match title included in the Metadata.1.0