Quality Control (QC) Vocabulary

QC Vocabulary defines terms that are used in QC with the goals of 1) Ensuring that terms are used consistently, and 2) ensuring that terms are encoded consistently. The page for this topic is here.

This page shows terms for the "3D" category. 3D covers 3D image or encoding issues.

This category was introduced in Version 1.1

Version 1.1, December 17, 2019

Term Description Definition V
CONVERGENCE-DISTANCEConvergence distance incorrectThe convergence between eyes in 3D is too far apart, moving in an unusual fashion. Could be a function of targeted screen size.1.1
CONVERGENCE-PLACEMENTIn 3D, the image is dimensionally in the wrong place.The 3D effect is lost or reversed because an element of either the left or right eye separations is incorrectly combined. Includes subtitles that should be in the foreground but appear in the background.1.1
FORMATIncorrect 3D format was providedIncorrect format was provided, such sequential provided while side-by-side expected; or Anaglyph provided when video stereo pair expected. This does not addresss file format.1.1
FRAME-VIOLATIONIssues with 3D at edge of frameWhere an object breaks frame but causes an uncomfortable viewing experience. This can be either because the object is too close to the camera when compared to the rest of the frame or that it appears in one camera but not the other. This can be a byrpoduct of one eye's view of the object rendering off the field of view.1.1
GHOSTING3D GhostingA convergence error causing a doubled image or halo effect1.1
NOT-3DA stereo pair was not delivered, or autostereoscopic information is not correct.Content is not 3D. For example, the second view was not provided, or two identical views were provided. This includes one eye temporarily dropping.1.1
OTHEROther 3D issueAny other 3D issue not addressed by another term1.1
SWAPPED-EYESSwapped EyesThe left and right eyes are swapped, causing 3D issues1.1
TIMED-TEXTTimed text is at wrong depthSubtitles rendered such that their depth placement is incorrect. Or, subtitles have no depth creating a problematic visual experience.1.1
WARPINGWarpingThe image is unnaturally distorted with a warping effect1.1
WINDOW3D Window out of rangeAn object in negative 3D space does not align correctly on the edge of the frame, causing an uncomfortable split edge. Also could be an issue with a floating window created to address a negative space 3D issue.1.1