This page contains the defintion of Media Manifest Core (MMC) Metadata. MMC is based on Common Metadata Media Manifest Metadata.

Released Version

Version 2.0

This release adds support for television.

Version 2.0 Specification

  • Media ManifestCore Metadata,TR-META-MMC, v2.0a, December 8, 2020 (PDF) [Editorial only]
    • Media ManifestCore Metadata,TR-META-MMC, v2.0, November 19, 2018 (PDF)
  • Version showing changes from v1.0 (PDF)


MEC and MMC Examples

Examples form an integral part of the MMC Best Practices. Examples parallel the specfication, demonstrating correct usage. These also serve as resources for getting started with your first MMC and MEC files.

Movie Examples

Television Examples

  • TV Example Set 1 (TV-1)

VALIDATOR and Tool Suite

Information and links to the MDDF Validator are here: www.movielabs.com/md/validator.

The Tool Suite, including an online validator are at mddf.movielabs.com.

Educational Materials

We have created videos that explain concepts. An introduction to Media Manifest can be found here. The full class is here.


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