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Audience:Architect, implementers, and anyone else interested in metadata used to deliver content. Also, anyone using Cross-Platform Extras (CPE) for bonus/interactivity
What you will know: The data model in Media Manifest and how it applies to content delivery, interactivity and more
What you will be able to do: Integrate Media Manifst and MMC into a technology strategy. Begin your journey to implemenation


  • Introduction (0:49)
  • Overview (5:54) -- Describes Media Manifest Structure
  • Delivery (2:39) -- Shows hows Media Manifest is used for Delivery in the form of Media Manifest Core (MMC)
  • Interactivity (2:43) -- Shows how Media Manifest is used for bonus/extras/VAM and interactivity in the form of Cross-Platform Extras (CPE). Also, a fun CPE sizzle reel (1:51)
  • Origin Story (0:37) -- The origins of Media Manifest

Media Manifest INtroduction

To learn more: and


Media Manifest


Media Manifest Example: Delivery


Media Manifest Example: Cross-Platform Extras (CPE) for interactivity

To learn more:

Cross-Platform Extras (CPE)

CPE is a specialization of Media Manifest that supports advanced user experiences. CPE covered in this training to the extend that Media Manifest is covered. The following video demonstrates some capabilities of CPE. Additional information is provided at

CPE Sizzle


Origin Story: Media Manifest


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