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Audience: Architects, Implementers, or anyone involved in the TVOD Avails or SVOD Title List process
What you will know: What (asset/offering data and business rules can be encoded in Avails and Title Lists. How these data are structured.
What you will be able to do: Generate or ingest Avails and Title Lists


  • Introduction (0:49)
  • Avails Overview (3:27) -- Description of Avails and Title Lists
  • Avail vs. Avail vs Avail (0:35) -- A lighthearted look at Avails terminology
  • Excel and XML (coming soon)-- A description of the two means to encode Avails and Title Lists

Introduction to Avails and Title Lists

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Avails Overview


Avial vs. Avail vs. Avail


Excel vs XML

Coming soon

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