Excel Avails Change Log

XML Avails and Title List history can be found here.

Spreadsheet v1.9

v 1.9 (Avails and SVOD Title List) (xlsx)

Presentation summarizing changes with some additional explaination (PDF).

This version includes the following changes:

  • Support added for new EntryType values
  • Structurural support added to send specialized spreadsheets: Status, Temporary Price Reduction, and Bonus
  • Avails Status
    • Support added for return status based on Avails structure (from Platform to Studio)
    • High-level status designed to inform business units on the readiness of titles
    • XML simultaneously (v2.5) adds OfferStatus
  • Temporary Price Reduction (TPR)
    • Support added to send TPRs independently from Avail
    • Added support for campaigns (offers contingent on executing a campaign)
  • Bonus
    • Added support to send Bonus offer information independently from Avail or Title List
    • Includes information on bonus content delivery

Spreadsheet v1.8

v 1.8a (Avails and SVOD Title List) (xlsx)

This version includes the following changes:

  • Structural changes
    • Removed colon from example EIDR codes

v 1.8 (Avails and SVOD Title List) (xlsx)

Presentation summarizing changes with some additional explaination (PDF).

This version includes the following changes:

  • Structural changes
    • Consolidate Movies, TV and (proposed) Collections tab into one main tab
    • Updated data dictionary to reflect the tabs consolidation
    • Change TV and Movie to “Templates” that show how legacy TV and Movies are done; and possibly othersAdded Collections tab for collections that include TV or Movies and TV. This tab may also be used for movies collections, although earlier practices did so on the Movies tab. Note that doing so on the Movies tab allows both Bundles and the referenced movies (ALIDs) to be in the same spreadsheet making consistency checks easier.
    • StoreType was added to maintain the store-tab concept in a consolidatated spreadsheet
  • Made SVOD-only changes valid for other license types
    • Licensee – not generally applicable
    • EpisodeTitleID – place to hold title EIDR (not just edit)
    • GroupIdentity – for improved placement, if needed
    • TerritoryExclusion – more general territory specification, not necessarily useful. Better compatibility with XML
    • Download – if applicable
    • Timing: StartLag/EndLag, Duration, “Immediate”, “Open”
    • Ability to represent subs and audio (dubs) in languages
  • Fully support Volumes, Bundles and Collections
  • Clarification of correct use of AssetLanguage and LocalizationType
  • Misc
    • Added PackageLabel to assist in media package reuse across territories
    • Fixed "End" definition
    • Added "Bonus" column to indicate whether or not bonus is included in an offer.
    • Improved "General Instructions" tab
    • Minor correction to mapping documentation


Spreadsheet v1.7.3

v 1.7.3a (SVOD Title List) (xlsx)

This version includes the following changes:

  • Structural changes
    • Removed colon from example EIDR codes

v 1.7.3 (SVOD Title List) (xlsx)

Overview of changes presentation to explain some of the changes (PDF).

This version includes the following changes:

  • NOTE: 1.7.3 is intended for SVOD Title Lists, not TVOD Avails
    • This release is intended for SVOD, and most new features are prohibited for TVOD. In other words, if you're processing 1.7.2 for TVOD, this should have no impact.
    • There are couple of small exceptions to the above statement, including clarifications and corrections; and the addition of the "Library" LicenseType.
  • New Fields
    • Licensee -- Indicates licensee associated with the Avail. Primary use case is when multiple licensees are combined on one spreadsheet.
    • EpisodeTitleID -- Title/Abstraction identifier for episode, typically an Abstration EIDR ID.
    • GroupIdentity -- Subscription Type/Channel -- Where is title listed. Used when it's necessary to distinguish between channels within a single organization, especially when parties service multiple channels.
    • TerritoryExclusion -- Complement to Territory to list excluded territories. Used when list of excluded territories is much shorter than list of territories (e.g,. when just a few territories are excluded). Modeled, and consistent with, MMC.
    • Download -- Is download allowed on a per-title basis. Note that if download rights are defined in the contract across all titles, this field is not necessary.
    • Director added for manual title matching. It is highly recommended this field not be used. However, certain parties require it for specific use cases.
    • TitleStatus -- State of title (for individual title). Used for tracking before TitleList is final. Does not apply to final Title List.
  • Exclusivity. Exclusivity means many things. They are grouped here under general exclusivity and branding rights. The consensus is that it's useful to have a true/false exclusivity indicator, and there migth be other attributes for exclusivity. The model below reflects this. Note that for parties that address this in the contract, these fields are unnessary.
    • Exclusivity (True/False) - Communicate whether the title/format/region/date (row in Excel) is exclusive to the indicated retailer
    • Exclusivity Attributes (String) - Communicate additional information about the scope of the exclusivity. Exclusive to on-line retailers? Exclusive across all channels except theatrical?
    • Branding Rights (True/False) - Communicate whether the row may be represented with retailer specific branding.
    • Branding Rights Attributes (String) - Communicate details about what may be presented with the content if desired. For example “Eric’s Great Video Store Original”
  • Improved timing
    • Added StartLag and EndLag to define a lag for a Start or End, respectively, that is defined as a condition (e.g., theatrical street date + 30 day lag)
    • Added duration of window (relative to start)
    • Allow "Immediate" and "Open" Start
  • Improved language handling
    • Added RequiredFulfillmentLanguages -- Languages (specific to sub and dub) that studio must provide
    • Added the ability to specify localization type (sub, dub, subdub, any) against any individual language in any language field.
    • Added ability to specify the concept of all languages in AllowedLanguages, encoded as asterisk ('*').
  • Other
    • EpisodeCount changed from optional to required.
    • Corrected XML for SeriesID, SeasonID, EpisodeID to reference either the EIDR element or AltIdentifier
    • Added 'Library' LicenseType. This handles cases were a title was acquied under an EST license, but is no longer Avail'd for EST. The Library LicenseType identifies titles that might still be in a library (including shared entitlement libraries) and can be fulfilled.
    • Clarified FormatProfile note to include this: " Note: For SVOD or AVOD, highest resolution should be listed and lower resolutions can be assumed."
    • Clarified that Rating System/Value/Reason must be compatible
    • Specified that DMA_ID field indicates that title is MA eligable. Clarified definition of DMA_ID
    • Added general instruction that cell A3 can have sequence information or date+time (for versioning)
    • Clarified in general instructions that Full Delete and 'End' date in past, both have the effect of bringing down titles.
    • Miscellaneous corrections and clarifications (e.g., Corrected shading on some optional fields)

Spreadsheet v1.7.2

v 1.7.2a (August 3, 2021) (xlsx)

This version includes the following changes:

  • Structural changes
    • Removed colon from example EIDR codes

v.1.7.2 (August 24, 2017) (xlsx)

This version includes the following changes:

  • in TV, SeriesID, SeasonID and EpisodeID are now optional.
  • AltIDs
    • AltID was added back to Movies
    • EpisodeAltID, SeasonAltID and SeriesAltID were added back to TV
  • In TV: Clarified that at least one set of Series/Season/EpisodeID or Series/SeasonEpisodeAltID is required
  • Spare fields -- Used in accordance with bilateral definition
    • RetailerSpare1, RetailerSpare2 and RetailerSpare3 added to movies and TV
    • RetailerID1, RetalerID2, and RetailerID3 added to movies
    • RetailerEpisodeID1, RetailerEpisodeID2, RetailerSeasonID and RetailerSeriesID added to TV
    • WARNING: Use of Spare and retailer ID fields will break automated translatation and will likely delay transition to XML and API
  • Corrected language in CaptionsExcemption to clarify that only the requirement is being specified, not the captions delivery options (burned into video or file).
  • Fixed LocalizationType in TV (TV tab said //REQ when it should be //Opt)
  • LicenseType
    • In movies and TV, added 'AVOD' LicenseType
    • Added LicenceType: 'Pre-Release'. This is a distinct windows and does not overlap other license types. Used prior to POEST, EST, SVOD, etc.
  • Added "NA" for Not Applicable to PriceType (Movies and TV)
  • Clarified that LicenseRightsDescription is not a controlled vocabulary except for the defined terms. That is, any term can be used and the field will not be validated.
  • In TV: Added DistributionNumber for Series. Used for Series volumes (e.g., '2a' and '2b')

Spreadsheet v1.7.1

v.1.7.1 (January 12, 2017)

Avails spreadsheet template for Film and TV, Version 1.7.1, January 12, 2017 (Excel)

This version includes the following changes that only impact TV:

  • Added NGAudio column (was correct in Movies and Data Dictionary)
  • Added PriceCurrency column (was correct in Movies and Data Dictionary)
  • Changed ExceptionsFlag to ExceptionFlag (no 's') to be consistent with Movies
  • Changed mapping note in Data Dictionary for AllowedLanguage and HoldbackLanguage to be consistent with Movie 

Spreadsheet v1.7

v1.7 (November 15, 2016)

Avails spreadsheet template for Film and TV, Version 1.7, November 15, 2016 (Excel)

Change Fields Excel 1.7 Movies Excel 1.7 TV XML v2.2 Excel Field Required/Optional Notes
Date and Time precision Start, End Change Change NC (no change) Required Add ability to specify time in Start and End (ISO format).  Clarified time associated with Start and End
AnnounceDate added AnnounceDate Add Add NC Optional Added announcement date for title visibility in pre-order
Add currency PriceCurrency Add Add NC Optional PriceCurrency added to reflect currency of PriceValue.  Already in XML.
DMRP, SMRP,  License Fee, Season Only PriceType Add Add Add Required DMRP added for Deemed Minimum Retail Price. Added SMRP for Suggested Minimum Retail Price.  Added "License Fee"
Added "Season Only" for season bonus
SRP as Term PriceType Remove Remove NC Required "SRP" was a valid value for PriceType, even though there's an SRP column.  Not an issue in XML
MediaProfile FormatProfile Change Change Change Required Format profiles limited to SD, HD, UHD, 3D, 3DSD, 3DHD, 3DUHD
Media Profile attributes HDR, WCG, HFR Add Add Add Optional True/False.  See MediaProfile for UHD value. HDR can be enumerated to DV and HDR10.
Next Gen audio NGAudio Add Add Add Optional True/False or audio format ("Atmos", "DTS:X", "Auro3D")
Entitlement IDs UV_ID, DMA_ID Add Add NC Optional Added columns and description.  Full support in XML.
Reporting ID ReportingID Add Add Add Optional Added ReportingID for future use
AltID now ALID AltID Change Change NC Required Changed AltID to ALID and updated definition.  See notes below.
TV ALID ALID N/A Add NC Required ALID added to TV.  Depending on avail, either episode or season ID gets repeated here.
ContentID now TitleID ContentID Change Change NC Optional Changed ContentID to TitleID and updated definition; typically EIDR Abstraction (llevel 1). Not an issue in XML. See notes below.
ProductID now EditID ProductID Change Change NC Optional Changed ProductID to EditID and updated definition; typically EIDR edit (level 2). Not an issue in XML. See notes below.
EncodeID EncodeID, SeasonEncodeID Remove Remove N/A Optional Unused ID removed. See notes below.
ContentID ContentID Add Add NC Required Add ContentID to be used as metadata reference. Not an issue in XML. See notes below.
SeasonContentID, EpisodeContentID SeasonContentID, EpisodeContentID N/A Change NC Required Season Content ID is required for episode and season avails.  EpisodeContentID required for episode avails. See notes below.
EpisodeProductID, EncodeID EpisodeProductID, EncodeID N/A Remove N/A Optional Removed EpisodeProductID and EncodeID. See notes below.
AllowedLanguages HoldbackExclusionLanguage Change Change Change Optional Changed HoldbackExclusionLanguage to Allowed Languages.  XML supports distinct subs/dubs.  
AssetLanguage StoreLanguage Change Change Change Optional Changed StoreLanguage to AssetLanguage.  XML supports distinct subs/dubs and descriptive audio. 
sub and dub holdback HoldbackLanguage Not supported Not supported Change Optional Added ability to specify whether holdback applies to sub, dub or both.
Bundles Bundle ALIDs Add NC Add Optional Add bundle support.  Simple in Excel, full in XML
Excel Delivery N/A Change Change N/A Required 1) Files delivered in .xlsx format,
2) one tab per file,
3) matching performed on rows 1-2 (not column),
4) row 3 must be present but contain no avail data. 
Bonus and Promotion XML N/A N/A Add Optional Full support for availing promotion and supplemental (e.g., controlled windows for specific offerings).
Additional metadata for seasons and series XML N/A N/A Add Optional Added ratings, release history and captions exceptions to season and series metadata.
LicenseRightsDescription LicenseRightsDescription change change Change Optional There was no agreement about LRD beyond the 'Next Day TV' label and "POD" (Publish on Delivery).  Non-standard values can be used bilaterally.  The field remains optional, but can be made mandatory by bilateral agreement.
CompanyDisplayCredit CompanyDisplayCredit Add NC NC Optional Added CompanyDisplayCredit to movies
EpisodeTitleInternalAlias required EpisodeTitleInternalAlias N/A Change N/A Required Applicable TitleInternalAlias are always required.  This is required for episodes.

Notes on V1.7 Identifiers

Metadata ID Types and IDs

  • Essential IDs -- These IDs are required and essential for processing an Avail
    • ALID – Anchor for assets associated with Avail
    • ContentID – Reference to metadata.
      • There can be multiple metadata objects associated with an Avail, so there can be multiple ContentIDs
        • Movie: ContentID
        • TV: EpisodeContentID, SeasonContentID, SeriesContentID
  • Other IDs -- Serve various purposes in processing Avails
    • Title/Abstraction, Edit – These IDs are useful for holding other IDs.
    • These should be EIDR, but need not be. If not EIDR, can be used as place to stash other IDs
    • Movie: TitleID, EditID
    • TV: EpisodeID, SeasonID, SeriesID
    • Entitlement IDs – for UltraViolet, DMA. These don’t always match ALID, but they usually do. Format may be different
    • ReportingID – reserved for future use
  • Also optional
    • ContractID – a business term, not metadata

Migrating from 1.6 to 1.7

  • Required IDs
    • Movies
      • AltID become ALID (name change)
      • EncodeID column become ContentID (note that this is a column replacement, new ID)
      • ContentID becomes TitleID (name change)
      • ProductID becomes EditID (name change)
      • EncodeID goes away
    • TV
      • ALID (new, required)
      • Series/Season/EpisodeAltID becomes Series/Season/EpisodeID – (name change)
      • Series/Season/EpisodeContentID now required. This ensures metadata is properly refrerenced
  • Added Entitlement, reporting

1.6 to 1.7 Where do I get these “new” IDs

  • No new ID creation necessary!
  • If you have an ID, use it; otherwise:
  • Movies
    • AltID becomes ALID: name change, use old AltID
    • EncodeID becomes ContentID: Unless you have specific metadata ID, copy from ALID
  • TV
    • ALID: new, required
      • If episode Avail, copy EpisodeID (formerly EpisodeAltID)
      • If season Avail, copy SeasonID (formerly SeasonAltID)
    • Series/Season/EpisodeContentID: now required
      • Copy Series/Season/EpisodeID (formerly xxxAltID)
    • Series/Season/EpisodeAltID becomes Series/Season/EpisodeID: name change, use same IDs

Spreadsheet v1.6


Avails spreadsheet template for Film and TV, Version 1.6e2, January 20, 2016 (Excel) - editorial update from November 13 version

  • Changed B3 to correct description
  • Changed "Tier as integer" to "Tier as number" since the tier can include decimals


Avails spreadsheet template for Film and TV, Version 1.6e1, November 13, 2015 (Excel) - editorial update from October 14 version

  • Editorial update: changed row 3 to wrap text


Avails spreadsheet template for Film and TV, Version 1.6e, October 14, 2015 (Excel) - update from October 6 version

  • Editorial update: spec version


Avails spreadsheet template for Film and TV, Version 1.6d, September 14, 2015 (Excel)

  • Change log
    • General
      • throughout doc, updated the use of “version” to “edit” in multiple instances when referring to edits of a movie. Purpose: to be consistent with terminology of “Edit EIDR” usage.
  • Per tab
    • Movies Data Dictionary
      • Territory: Added link to ISO country codes: https://www.iso.org/obp/ui/#search to header and dictionary
      • EntryType: Changed language and added information about Full Extract and Full Delete. Added the following:
        • "Full Extract" - means that all avail entries provided for an edit of a movie (e.g., Theatrical and Director's Cut are two different edits) within a territory should overwrite all previous avail entries for that edit within that territory. “Full Extract” should include all known current and future avails for an edit within a territory.
        • "Full Delete” - means all rights to an edit within a territory are lost. The studio would provide "Full Delete" and that would remove all avail entries for that edit within that territory.
      • Any additional instructions: added “such as studio information for either studio page collections or channel collections.”
      • SpecialPreOrderFulfillDate: Changed definition in header to match data dictionary definition - “Optional for preorders. Should be blank for all other license types. The date that a pre-ordered video can be released to the consumer for viewing *if* different from the earliest EST start date.”
    • TV & TV Data Dictionary
      • Added example of a French version of a full season, including localized titles.
      • StoreLanguage: removed [RFC5646] from the header definition since it was redundant information.
      • ExceptionFlag - changed to “ExceptionsFlag” as stated in XML and spec.
      • EncodeID - Corrected the Excel header definition to, “Encode Identifier. This should be the Encode Level EIDR.”
      • CaptionIncluded - added “Non-US territories may be left blank.”
      • Territory. Added link to ISO country codes: https://www.iso.org/obp/ui/#search to header and dictionary
      • Corrected “ComapnyDisplayCredits” to  “CompanyDisplayCredit” in TV Data Dictionary and column.
      • Added TV specific examples for RatingSystem and RatingSystem values.
    • General Instructions and FAQ


Avails spreadsheet template for Film and TV, Version 1.6c, April 2, 2015 (Excel)


Avails spreadsheet template for Film and TV, Version 1.6b, January 27, 2015 (Excel)


Avails spreadsheet template for Film and TV, Version 1.6, October 20 2014 (Excel)

Versions Prior to 1.6

Avails spreadsheet template for Film. Version 1.5, March 24, 2014 (Excel)

Re-release of 1.4 and 1.5 with the addition of version number, January 27, 2015

    • Avails spreadsheet template for Film. Version 1.5b (Excel)
    • Avails spreadsheet template for Film. Version 1.4c (Excel)

Avails spreadsheet template for Film. Version 1.4 (Excel)

Avails spreadsheet template for Film. Version 1.0a (Excel)