Motion Picture Laboratories, Inc.

MovieLabs has enjoyed a close working relationship with Higher Education since our inception.


In keeping with our mission of advancing technology applicable to the motion picture industry, we have jointly performed research with researchers at various institutions and have funded individual researchers.

A few of the areas where we have jointly performed or sponsored research include

  • Networking architectures and protocols for distribution video
  • Measurement of shifts in Internet usage as it applies to media
  • Media fingerprinting
  • Usage patterns on networks, including campus networks and ISPs

Reducing Illegal File Sharing

MovieLabs serves as a resource to colleges and universities with programs that encourage their students, faculty and staff to respect copyright. We recognize that every institution is different, with a diversity of missions, student bodies, goals and resources. In our activities, we seek to offer as many options as possible for colleges and universities to, hopefully, find one or more technologies that works for them.


Following are MovieLabs specifications you may find useful.

Technical Guidance for College and University CIOs and CTOs in Complying with HEOA Provisions

MovieLabs compiled a list of technologies applicable to improving a campus' compliance with the Higher Education Opportunities Act in the United States. We also provide general information on reducing file sharing on campus. Although written towards the U.S., we believe most of these provisions apply worldwide.

  • Technical Guidance for College and University CIOs and CTOs in Complying with HEOA Provisions, April 8, 2012 (PDF)
  • Previous version: March 15, 2011 (PDF)

Automated Content Notice System (ACNS)

ACNS is designed to support automated processing of copyright-related notices (e.g., DMCA notices) to reduce handling costs for ISPs and educational institutions. Almost every notice sent to campus includes ACNS data.

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