Cross Platform Extras Manifest

Cross Platform Extras Manifest (CPE-Manifest) provides a mechanism for communicating interactivity data independent of execution. This can be used in conjunction with CPE-HTML or via players specific to CPE-Manifest. These specfiications are intended to be used with Interactivity Profiles and Best Practices.

CPE-Manifest is based on the Common Metadata Media Manifest, and us compatible with Media Manifest Core (MMC) used for content delivery.

CPE-Manifest is designed for use with CPE-AppData and CPE-Style.

The following illustrates a model for processing CPE-Manifest currently used in most implementations

Sample implementations of a preprocessor and players are available to qualified developers.


Current Version (Released)

  • Cross Platform Extras: CPE-Manifest, BP-CPE-M1, v1.0, April 15, 2016 (PDF, Word)

Compatibility Note

CPE-Manifest was originally written to Media Manifest version 1.5. Since then, Media Manifest has been updated. Although forward compatibilty may apply, the original CPE-Manifest document still technically applies.

That said, subsequent versions of Media Manifest are backwards compatible. In keeping with Postel's Law, those ingesting CPE-Manifest should, accept any version of Media Manifest 1.5 or later.

VALIDATOR and Tool Suite

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