Cross Platform Extras HTML API

Cross-Platform Extras for HTML (CPE-HTML) defines an API between studios and retailers that supports portable interactivie experiences. CPE-HTML uses the following model:

CPE Model

A content provider (studio) need only implement a package once to run across mulitple retailers. Similarly, a retailer need only implement a framework once to support multiple studios.

CPE-HTML is part of a family of specifications. For others, see here.

API Documentation

The CPE-HTML API defines interfaces in the following groups

  • Package Management: addresses both management of the life-cycle of the package, and access by the package to information regarding the Viewing Environment.
  • Content Access: functions to identify and/or acquire the rights and entitlements to access content as well as the ability to transfer (i.e., download) the content from its current location.
  • Account Access: provides a package the ability to establish the identity of the consumer via a sign-in process and then obtain or modify information specific to the consumer (e.g., preferences, wish lists).
  • Player Interaction: deals with the actual playback of a content file or stream. Methods are provided for obtaining a media player and then directing its operations (i.e., play, pause, trickplay, etc.).
  • Social Networking: deals with the use of social media accounts to interact with a larger community via posts, likes, and similar mechanisms.
  • Enhancements: functionality that is considered optional. The API therefore provides the package with the ability to query the framework to determine which specific capabilities are provided.

Version 1.0

  • Cross-Platform Extras Interface,TR-CPE-API, v1.0, July 15, 2015 (PDF, Word)

Sample Implementation

A sample implementation of both a CPE Framework and CPE Packages can be found at

Applications and Best Practices

This information is currently in the main document. It will be placed here when the API is put online.

Comments and Questions

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