Motion Picture Laboratories, Inc.


The following specification provides a mechanism for copyright owner to inform UGC’s of how to handle the copyright owner’s content. In particular, what constitutes a content match and what actions should be taken by the UGC site.  

This specification provides the freedom to do more than just remove the content.  This is the first step to having a unified manner for a UGC to allow everything from permitting reposting of trailers to referring to more information on a piece of content. This specification will hopefully provide more freedom in how copyright owners manage copyrighted content on UGC sites.

This document does not express policy, but gives the copyright owner the ability to express different policies for different geographic areas.

Therefore, after gathering comments from over 20 companies, the next version of Content Recognition Specification is available.

Documentation and Resources

  • Specification:
    • Content Recognition Rules, TR-CRR1, v1.1.1, July 8, 2008 (PDF)
  • Technical Information, schemas, examples, etc:
  • A simple windows tool to generate rules
    • CRR Manager (ZIP)