For automation of digital workflows and supply chain efficiency, MovieLabs recommends adoption of a suite of compatible standards and specifications. They cover core aspects of online distribution, including identification, metadata, avails, asset delivery, and reporting. Developed and delivered through industry collaboration, these standards and technologies enable automation, cost reduction, and improved consumer experiences across the industry. Collectively, we call these the MovieLabs Digital Distribution Framework.

MDDF offers Unique Identification, Scalable and Localizable Metadata, Precise Avails, Efficient Delivery, Engaging Digital Extras and Accurate Reporting.

MDDF is based on a cohesive set of specifications that support business models and promote efficiency across interrelated entertainment workflows.

Base Specifications

  • Common Metadata - Descriptive and Technical Metadata. Common definitions for other specifications such as Media Entertainment Core (MEC), Common Media Manifest, Avails and EIDR.
  • Common Media Manifest - Definition of relationships between content and associated metadata. Based spec for delivery (MMC) and interactivty (CPE)
  • Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) - Unique and appropriately specific content identifiers

Application Specifications


  • EMA Avails - Formal definition of content identification and business rules associated with content availability.

Content Delivery

Extras and Interactivity


  • Common Metadata Content Ratings - Common representation used to encode content ratings. Includes all known government mandated and most commonly used ratings systems.